FAQ bordados

Here you find answers for the questions most frequent made by ours customers.
Please contact us if you not  find here what you are looking for.

1 -- Why so cheap?
2 -- It's hand embroidered? You are the crafters? 
3 -- I don't know the texture and quality of your cotton and have some concerns about
       if it's really hand embroidered , due to so cheap prices. What can you do about it ? 
4 -- How I will pay ? 
5 -- In how much time I receive? 
6 -- How I receive? 
7 -- My order comes discriminated, one by one ?
8 -- I am not choosing "live" my order. How are selected the units of the order ? 
9 - -If some model, size or color  not have good sells in my market , can I swap ?
10- And if the unit you sent has any defect?
11- How swap ? It has stated period ?
12- Has some discount for "live catalogs" ?
13- There are many models and sizes. Which the best grating to initiate ?
14- What I can say to my customer about your clothes ?
15- I want to place the label of my Griffe,it is possible ?
16- I have some doubts not answered here. How I proceed ?

1 -- Why so cheap ?

- We have a "virtual line production" , each of us working in his own home.
    No builds,no machines,no support people needed.
- We buy raw materials directly with the producers .
- We ARE producers .
- Due to be handmade and with sales done direct by the producer , our
    work is 100 % tax-free in Brazil.

- We do not have a shop ; our direct sales are done in weekly fairs , in two of
    the best crafts markets of Brazil , the Belo Horizonte Crafts Fair ( 3500 stands ,
    70.000 visitors/fair,and we are proud to say that we was co-founders of
    that , in the 70's ) and in Ouro Preto , that attracts people of all the world.
    Publics fairs , maintained and sponsored by the State.
    Again, no builds, no rent or fiscal fees , no taxes.

- Our virtual stand , that you honor now with your visit , is freely hosted by
    Catgen.net  , partner of the PeopLink.org , that support Artisans groups digital
    initiatives worldwide . The web-site was designed , done and is maintained
    by ourselves , with the help of the CatGen team.
    We use a free e-mail service and all our webmarketing is done using the
    free registration services of the principal search engines.
    We use a free Internet provider.

- We use the delivery system with best costs/benefits relation .
- We believe in the social function of the markets ; trying to earn less in more than
    more in less we can create more and more space for new production partners ,
    providing  economic capability to a group highly needed of them , the rural
women .   

- We share all this advantages with you.

2 -- It's hand embroidered ? You are the crafters ?

One by one , Point by point.

Yes. Here you deal direct with the producers, without middlemen.
It's one more that explains ou
r prices.

3 -- I don't know the texture and quality of your cotton and have some concerns about
      if it's really hand embroidered , due to so cheap prices. What can you do about it ? 

Please see in About Us
some more reasons that explains our good prices
Please send us your 
address ; no matter where you lives.
We will send you a 10x10 cm embroidered sample of the cotton , in courtesy.
It will follow via postal ways and will be delivered in your home , with no costs for you and without commitment. .

4 -- How I will pay my order?

In places with offices of the Banco do Brasil or the Western Union , please use their services .
Another places can use the Mail services.
Soon , the host of this site (
Catgen.com) will provide e-commerce support , and we are about
to work with PayPal , that will allow you pay with your card .

5- In how much time I receive my order?
Please give us 6-10 days to put the order on your door.

6 --How I receive?
You receive in your door . When we post the order, we send you by email one "number of object", with which, using  "Rastrear", you can access the tracking service directly with the Brazilian Federal Mail and follow the way of the packet .

7 -- My order comes discriminated, one by one ?
Certainly. All order follows with a complete listing, specifying unitary and total model, size, color, amount and prices, and eventually applied discounts. In case that it has interest, we send too complete history regarding yours previous purchases.

8 -- I am not choosing "in sight" my order. How is selected the order ? 
Simple. We order what we have of better, we want that you  places with easiness our work in your market and buys more, much more. In remote sells , especially
postal sales,  the customer's trust is the greater value that a producer can have.

9 -- If some model, size or color  not have good sells in my market , can I swap ?
 When you want, at any time.

10- And if  has any defective unit?
 We swap without colloquy and we pay all the costs to do this

11- How can I swap ? It has stated period?
We have a page detailing the procedure, please visit "Trocas ".
No stated period  limited, but to be swapped the model must be in production.  

12- Has some promotion for live catalogs?
It has yes. A good promotion . Please contacts us in douropreto@catgen.com

13- You have many models and sizes. It's my first purchase . Which the best grating to initiate ?
It depends on season and on how much it is desired to invest; we have history of ours sells and we develop a software that, established in these history suggests an ideal grating to be distributed in one value/season. Use this service when you want, without commitment.

14- What I can say to my customer about yours clothes?
Are very feminine, hand made, pre-shrunk, 100 % cotton and can be machine washed , are very durable and  requires no special cares .
Ecologic and socially correct.

15- I would like to place the label of my Griffe, it's  possible?
Clearly; it is enough to send us and its order follows with its mark.

16- I have some doubts no answered here. How I proceed?
Please contacts us (English, Spanish or Portuguese) 

7- Why this  telephone sometimes don't work?

We live and we produce in the agricultural area of Ouro Preto, and our cellular signal (no land line..), although linked to a external antenna, each day has a skill. If you have difficulties, please  insists (and give us your pardon...)
We check our e-mail box daily.

published with CatGen 
Published with CatGen