It does not have limited period for swaps to pieces without use , in production and with good cares over.

It did not fit? (please see the measures
) .

That model had little output?

Swap at any time.

Just send us what you want to be swaped

(the economic mail fees are very razonable,some partners swap all units with us when seasons changes)

We will send back the units you have choosed in swap ,
and you pay the return expenses
usually , the same amount you have paid to send the
units to us; we only bill you the mail fees , this service has no costs

in the same way you have payed your orders.

To speed it contacts us  on 55-31-(84994961) ,  bordados@douropreto.com.br
and set appointments with  the desired(s) model(s) and size(s) .

You can ,too ,pay new orders using any unit of our work you still have as currency.



published with CatGen 
Published with CatGen