We look at the partner as like a cooperative member.And the most important of them.catgenl
The partner make all the process work , is the sponsor.
Whitout them , no work.

So , deserves to be heard , have a good product to work , with prices that allows gains and
satisfy the needs of their clients .

Must be treated with hot coffee , fresh cheese's bread and red carpet ... :-)

All procedures exposed here , in our virtual show-room , are general lines
that can (and need to) be adjusted to specific situations , regarding where you lives.
Please contact us , we will be pleased to serve you in any manner we could.

We offer:bordados

Unique units , at massive clothing prices.

Ecological , socially correct products.

Fast stock reposition.

Almost 30 models.

13 sizes:
zero , 1 , 2, 4 , 6 , 8 , 10 , 12
XS , SM , MD , LG , XL  

First quality cotton , light , medium and strong,
in 6 colors.

Exclusive models , developed in the cooperative. 

Fair , competitive prices.

No stated period for swaps , you can pay orders using our units you have
in stock as currency.
Start any season with a new stock , using this system.


published with CatGen 
Published with CatGen