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-Calling us at 55-31-8499-4961 or 55-31-8461-1338

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DOuroPreto Hand Embroidery

We produce hand embroidered clothing causing the lesser possible ambiental cost, using material not-synthetic and restricting the use of machines to the necessary minimum, the biggest possible number and variety of sizes and models of pretty, practical, resistant garments, of good price and that they incorporate part of the artistic and cultural patrimony of the region where they are produced.
Fazenda da Chapada, Distrito de Glaura, Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, 35450-000, Brazil
Main Contact : Maria de Lourdes Rosa - Producao
Technical Contact : Eduardo Espeschit - Webmaster
Phone : +(00)55-31-84611338



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Published with CatGen