Hand embroidered Mexican style dress

Hand embroidered Mexican style dress in cotton,handmade in the rural area of Ouro Preto -MG - Brazil.Online support to sells,PayPal accepted.



Sz Height Bust
Embroidered Dress  LG 113 cm  100 cm
Embroidered Dress  MD 105 cm  98 cm
Embroidered Dress  SM 99 cm  88 cm


See also

Long sleeves hand embroidered dress ,
with embroidery in lateral pockets and back belt .
Lacework or crochet application.

Comfortable, resistant and practical dresses.
    Size below of the knee and adjustable width with the belt sewn to the back.
    Can be used with or without blouse and is in many colors of cotton and embroidery

Embroidered dress , 3/4 sleeves .
Can be used on the shoulders ,
with embroidery in the back and is made in medium cotton , in all colors.
For while , only in adult sizes

Embroidered cotton  dress with a frill joined to the dress body with croche or cotton lacework.Can be adjusted in low neck with a little opening back in the elastic trail and with the back belt  .

Hand Embroidered dresses , with a tiny holder and cotton lacework  ; back closing with ziper.

Hand Embroidered Lacework dress  with lacework , back closing with zipper , cross rope to adjust , light cotton doubling in the skirt .

Embroidered dress in light cotton , for childs up to 10 years.Back closing with buttons , including the holders that can be adjusted changing the button position.Cotton lacework.

Long sleeves hand embroidered dress , with lacework all over the both sides of the cloing line,with buttons.Embroidery in the back too.

Hand embroidered long (to the feet) dress , long sleeves , back belt to adjust , front closing with buttons with embroidery and crochet in all the closing line.

Hand embroidered Dress with border sleeves in cotton with handmade finish and hand embroidery . Embroidered in the back , buttons in the top back.Can be used by pregnants and is made from the Zero size to LG

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