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DOuroPreto history in the web is completelly linked to the PeopLink project.CatGen Catgen.com

Our comunitty is sprayed in the deeps of the rural area of Ouro Preto , and always had problems with comunication with the "external" world . Since 70's , the only market we had was the fairs , all over Brasil.
Between fairs , no deals . Our customers cannot reach us ; far ,unpaved hard roads and no phone.

 The way our work is produced , with all working in her own home , impose the need of a computer to try to keep the caos organized , allowing physical control of the proccess , storage of information on sales to help planning , costs control , etc.
The natural choice was a notebook , that can go door-to-door , as we needed

After some fights , the system allow an organization level that increase the production highly.
Very good , but how about markets ? We've started to drop prices , to ensure colocation of all
the production allowing keep the fractal growing rate of the community intact.
Was a non-sense actitude say no to anyone that wants to learn a hand-work ; the only way to the
community production grow is adding , literally , hands.
But drop prices has a limit , and we was seeing problems in near future  .CELLANTENNA

Suddenly , in 2002 , cell phone signal in the farm ... Very weak , but better than nothing.
Lets buy a phone and an external antenna. The guilt for this lines still remember the bright in the eyes of all looking
for the little toy
.Reading the manual someone say " this thing has internet capability ! ".
An idea was born. Let's buy a cable , we have a computer !

We learn that cell phones connections was very slow , expensible and unstable , and that networks needs a completely different approach and concepts , different of a machine working alone .
A new world , at first view extremelly complicated.Much things to learn and very short available time .
Since our focus in the web was the external markets (Ouro Preto receive visitors of all the world and the interest of
them in our work always is vivid , some of them showing interests in re-sales ,etc) in our first try in a search engine we look 
"exportar artesanato" (exporting workmanship) and find in the Brazilian Ministry of Industry web-site a link to Crafts Center , were we was kindly redirect by Ms. Michelle Han to Mr. Salcedo , in PeopLink.

Mr. Salcedo show us a CatGen project . We study the way they operate and , surprised , see that was exactly what we was needing . Off-line work , simple to operate to people like us with no skills on the web , specifically designed for artisans groups . Fly on the first shoot...

We , naturally , have problems . Cell connections is very unstable and slow , speccialy with bad signal , expensive and the files was growing . Here enter the CatGen Support Team , with his infinite patience.

After teach to zero-starters all the proccess , they offer us a personal care , allowing us to send our upgrades on the site in a ZIP format , with the crew taking the job of publish.
So much thanks to Mr. Alexey Cholokov , team leader !
This was done at night  (low phone CELLCONN rates) , when we go to a top of a mountain in the farm to have better and stable cell phone signal .
We  put all in our truck , and using a car battery charged during a day with a photovoltaic charger (heritage of our times with no eletric lines too...)spend 2-3 hours sending our files ( later we discover the Downloads Managers , that among with the team goodwill help us too much in this task...)

(Notebook , car battery , power inverter , 7160 cellphone , USB/Serial converter)

Meanwhile , in Ouro Preto , 35 Km away from the farm , was instaled a public broadband provider ; this allow us work under best conditions and give a holiday to the support. We start to save the work in a USB flash drive and do the e-mail read and answer , and the site upgrade in a public machine.

An evolution , but still slow proccess ; we see a message in a day , respond 2 days before and see the answer 2 days more.
And the visitation and sales growing ... What a tool !

As a happy end (or a new beggining ) we see a little provider of satellite conection borning in Rio de Janeiro state , near.
After some contacts and calculations we see that the site was deserving better resourses ; we was having 1 page-view minute , contatcs and sales that , despite the slow proccess using cyber-coffees, was allowing us to not only support the fractal growing of the community , but research ways to speed up this.
We've had months with the site responding to 20% (!) of the total sales .
More work for all , less pricing due to scale ; more sales due to good prices ; inclusion of people even more far ,
of the core , turning economic agents people normally with few or none options , the rural women. 
Very good.VSAT

By now , we have sattelite 24hrs conection, cheaper than we spend before montly with cellphone calls ; a good deal... 

By now , we offer Skype , messengers , and soon a IP phone , freeing us from the cellphone high rates , as channels
between us and our customers ; we have clients in USA, Germany, Portugal, UK and Spain , and we can talk to them cheaper than calling the neighbour...

Among , we have had consults from :
Italy , Norway , France , Emirates , Australia , Israel , Togo , Nigeria , South africa ,  Argentina and Colombia.  

Please note that all the proccess not take more than 4 years , surprising us at each step.
We have now a fully functional e-shop , allowing us , from the deeps of the rural area , reach our customers on-line , real time , sometimes with people from the other side of the planet.
Brave new world...

Our sincere thanks to all the people involved in the proccess. Please be proud , all of you.
Thanks to your work , a more improbably enterprise that could be access to the Web is selling his work worldwide , providing work and keeping alive a tradition that was vanishing here , the manual embroidery. Keep moving ! Do the same to more people !

And you , artisans groups around the world , dream too ! Contact these guys , they are great ...


What you find in the Web about us

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Who are us ?

We live and produce Hand Embroidery in the deep agricultural area of  Ouro Preto, inward
of the state of  Minas Gerais, Brasil.
All our family is involved and so much others families around us.
We worked as producers in last 29 years with many root workmanship's kinds
and , in last 14 years with 100% cotton
hand embroidered clothing
that we
sell , fairs and partnerships , all over Brasil.

We was co-founders , in 1975 , of the today's self-proclaimed biggest 
workmanship fair of Americas ( 70.000 visitors/fair coming from all Brazilian states and even from others countries ,
3.500 stands)  , where until now  we sell our work every Sunday morning in Belo Horizonte , capital of the state ,
100 km away from our ranch .
We sell , weekly too, in Ouro Preto, 40 km away  ,
Both are very , very , good markets ; offered with no costs , maintained by the cities and the products sold 
in are tax-free , due to be handmade . 

We crafted (we're still crafting...) a network of production partners, each working in his own home , sprayed in the rural area
of 4 cities (Ouro Preto , Mariana ,Barao de Cocais e Catas Altas) 
virtual production line , the fair sales and the tax-free condition allows a drastic cost reduction ,
that reflects in our prices ,
let partners work when (and if) they can and is environment-friendly
as a result of a 100% sprayed resources distribution)

We work  with  people that do not have much time to work with the
embroidery and ,otherwise, do not have any another way to turn herselves economically
active due to distances and circumstances.
They're all rural  women , with husbands to help in the fields and sons  to care .
We delivery in each home the work  (in the embroidery , with the area to be
embroidered  designed , the line colors and needles -- in the sewing , the
cotton fabrics cut and modeled and all the materials needed ) and take back again
periodically , interval depending on local (some of them reached only with horses or
motorcycles) , to pick up  the work done (no cotes or quantity obligation).

It's a virtual  line production , we cutting the cotton and including the
appropriate materials for each task and distribute , taking from the sewers
to embroiderers , an from those to the laundriers

We do not say no to anyone who want to work or learn to , and in this way
the production (and the partners involved)  grows 40% / year (by now 13.000 units/year) ; we
adjust the sell prices to ever permits the collocation of all the production.
Please note that all the process occur with everybody working in your own home.

We try to take all the process under control using a
notebook ,that goes everywhere, and a database .

But the people interested in join the work was growing , more than the
sells . and our prices was  "in the limits"  and we cannot drop them down more to increase sells.

 In the unit , each people involved earns the same  ; so,
their number is always growing ; in the beginning we teach all interestedHand embroidered
partner the basics on embroidery and sewing ; by
now,  the friend teaches the friend and neighbors to neighbors ,
resulting in a fractal , constant grow.

This pricing politics and production process result in  very pretty clothing ,
handmade, cheap , and allow too cheap retail prices.

In this way we have now peoples that resell our work in 18 Brazilian states , USA and Spain.

The vivid interest from the foreigners in our work , in Ouro Preto (that
receive people of all the world), give us a hope that the  external markets
can help us to keep growing the number of partners in the actual constant .

Our 16 hours/day work actually is keep the partner's hands filled .
We are a community sprayed in the very deep inwards of the state , 
that grows by herself , if have markets. It's a virtuous circle :
new markets needs more production ; production grow , in our case , only
with more hands , that need markets.
We research and design models and embroidery stitches and colors, prospect
,buy and  organize raw materials , cut and group each model/size , design
the area to be embroidered , guide the way out trough the process by taking
and delivering  , organize, project and control production , prospect clients
and sell .

Our products are socially correct and must be ,too, ecologically correct.
The only place were the process have potential to be aggressive
against the environment is in our ranch (our Home) , were the work is
concentrated ; in all others places the scale of the work , due to the
absolutely sprayed distribution of the production process , do not have this
The only public service present in our ranch is electricity ; all resources
must be self provided (water, sanitary devices , trash handle , transport ,etc)
We have no other way ; we feel in the skin any errors in this matter.
We NEED to work ecological, We work only with 100% cotton ; only bio-degradable in the wash,
inorganic waste sold to "EcoGeraes" , organic turned in humus. 
We don't kill animals or eat meat .

All the people involved in our work learns that the customer  is the master ; 
the completely horizontal hierarchy of the process turns this notion easily clear. 
We knows that he pays for all the
process and that our work depends on him. Every partner is your self -
evaluator, and a evaluator for the tasks prior executed in the piece by
other partner; it works fine . We have hi-quality products. 
Due to the many steps of the process, the 100 % sprayed distribution of the
people and his number , the number of models , sizes and colors we produce, and the
need of prior and post-sell work , the only way to manage our kind of
process is using a computer program. It allow physical control of the process, and give
as sub-product lots of information that  help to plain what to product ,according to each model , color and size sells.
We learn how to and make our own system , that have his beginning in 1989, and
is being updated and adapted since that. It controls costs , production
resources distribution between models and sizes, raw material stocks  use
and reposition, sales , clients , finances and produce statistics on all it .
We do not produce now sophisticated crafts.
But our work  is single , hand made , pretty ,  cheap , sells easily , is very resistant , helps the rescue
and multiply of a tradition here that was vanishing and involves lots and lots
of people , rural women, in the production process..

Our adress is:

Chapada's Farm , Glaura district , Ouro Preto 

There is no mail services to the ranch . Please send mail to
P.O.Box 32 - Itabirito - Minas Gerais - Brasil - CEP 35450-000

Our phone is 55-31-8499-4961 (Rural stationary cell phone,
                       please insist if you have a message "out of area" 

You will find :

Overall for babies , with embroidery an crochet,with buttons inside the legs and elastic.Button
closing on the back
Long Pants with the slightly wider mouth. Belt inlaid in the cos, braguilha and waist embroidery
Used in set with the long sleeve blouse and chemiset; pockets in the front and external
(embroidery) behind. .
Capri pants (bellow of the knee) with rubber band (and belt of cotton with micangas) in the
waist, with pockets behind and applications of cotton laceworkt in the bar.Selleds ones or set
with the Mini-blouse.Many colors of cotton and embroidery
Hand embroidered pants with more suitable motifs.In strong cotton,with cargo pockets.Elastic and
cotton rope as belt.
Capri pants with inlaid cotton rope as a belt,that can be used with belts up to 3 cm.Embroidery
in the pockets.
Shorts with rubber band (and belt of cotton with micangas) in the waist,
  with pockets behind and applications of cotton or crochet in
  the bar.Sold ones or set with the Mini-blouse.
  Many colors of cotton / embroidery .
Embroidered short with cotton rope belt . Can be  used with another belts, up to 3 cm.Pockets in
the back.
This model is shorter than the secretary model .
Alllow the use of another belt instead the one that come with.
Embroidery in the waist , hem and back pockets.
Skirt with hand embroidery  with ziper in the back . Under the knee .
Embroidery on skirt with frill joined to the skirt body
with crochet or lacework.
Rubber belt inlaid with cotton rope .
Hand embroidered skirt with elastic , with a frill joined with crochet or lacework . 100% cotton
, pre-washed
Hand embroidered bag with Crochet or Lacework
Hand embroidery in chemisette , with crochet or lacework,100 % cotton .Delicate embroidery in
many colors.
Hand Embroidered Chemisette with a little rope as a set of buttons , medieval style. The covering
under the rope and the hand embroidery let use more adjusted to the body or not , as you like.
Used too as a corselet over tiny blouses and in set with the capri pants.
Chemisette with cotton lacework or crochet  . Hand Embroidery , with belt in the back to adjust .
Hand embroidered in the back .

Jacket with embroidery in the pockets and in the back. Medium cotton. Longer than the children model

Embroidered  cotton short jacket with buttons closing in the front .
Made with heavy cotton in long sleeves.

Hand embroidered short Blazer , in strong cotton with light cotton cover inside.
Belt in the back to adjust the width.
In white , natural and in colors ,only in adult sizes

Long sleeves blouse , with button closing ,
in medium or heavy cotton.
Only for the sizes ( S , M , L , XL)

Hand embroidered bolero in cotton . Tied in the back. To be usede over blouses,dresses,chemisetes,etc.Adjustable

Long sleeves hand embroidered dress ,
with embroidery in lateral pockets and back belt .
Lacework or crochet application.

Comfortable, resistant and practical dresses.
    Size below of the knee and adjustable width with the belt sewn to the back.
    Can be used with or without blouse and is in many colors of cotton and embroidery

Embroidered dress , 3/4 sleeves .
Can be used on the shoulders ,
with embroidery in the back and is made in medium cotton , in all colors.
For while , only in adult sizes

Embroidered cotton  dress with a frill joined to the dress body with croche or cotton lacework.Can be adjusted in low neck with a little opening back in the elastic trail and with the back belt  .

Hand Embroidered dresses , with a tiny holder and cotton lacework  ; back closing with ziper.

Hand Embroidered Lacework dress  with lacework , back closing with zipper , cross rope to adjust , light cotton doubling in the skirt .

Embroidered dress in light cotton , for childs up to 10 years.Back closing with buttons , including the holders that can be adjusted changing the button position.Cotton lacework.

Long sleeves hand embroidered dress , with lacework all over the both sides of the cloing line,with buttons.Embroidery in the back too.

Hand embroidered long (to the feet) dress , long sleeves , back belt to adjust , front closing with buttons with embroidery and crochet in all the closing line.

Hand embroidered Dress with border sleeves in cotton with handmade finish and hand embroidery . Embroidered in the back , buttons in the top back.Can be used by pregnants and is made from the Zero size to LG

Crochet and hand embroidery . Made in short or
long sleeves , and in models with lacework. .
 Various colors and thicknesses of cotton .

Crochet or lacework and hand embroidery . Made in short sleeves and light cotton with finishings in crochet  and cotton lacework.Belt in the back to adjust.

Hand embroidery in gown with elastic on the shoulders. Modeled long , in medium cotton.

Embroidery in blouse , with cross rope in the front and belt in the back Can be weared without take off the rope. Many colors of embroidery and thickness of cotton.

Embroidered lacework blouse in cotton , with buttons in front .
Light cotton . Embroidery and fabric belt in the back to adjust.

Summer gown with hand embroidery and cotton lacework , with short sleeves , in light cotton . Rubber belts in the low neck and in the sleeves , allowing the use in the shoulder , like a gipsy gown Selled too in set with the capri pants.

Hand emboidery in long gown, in special light cotton. Hand embroidered in the back , sleeves and front. Only in white cotton , with many options of embroidery motifs and colors

Confectioned in cotton strengthened and total regulable gardening in such a way in height, saw handle, how much in width, with the lateral belts. Used in such a way in the half station, with blouses, how much in the heat, with tops. Made since the size 1 year (with internal aperture in the legs) up to XL.Elastic under the lateral belt.Long and short legs for your choice

Boys overall , in hard cotton , inforced and with motifs more apropriated for the "little angels".
Side "cargo" pockets
Only for the sizes
2 - 4 - 6


published with CatGen 
Published with CatGen