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      Most models are crafted only by demmand.Please consult us about eventual availability of the model of you choice.
      Just note the 4 letters code (the ID) of the model;We will inform you the sizes and colors available,if any,or the time
      taken to craft your order.This time is according current scheduled units number we have,but average time is 
      about 45-60 days + freight time
All the units are crafted in pre-shrunk 100% cotton.
      Please use the form bellow to get details:




Exclusive models,extremely durables,with good prices and that do not need special cares on handling
Please click on the models and see their images and details , always remembering
that here you deal with the producers , directly.

In the individual page of each model you will find the model image , the
available colors and the measures of each size.  




published with CatGen 
Published with CatGen